Wednesday, February 29, 2012

back to the (sketch)book

I've never been a diligent "sketchbooker", no matter how hard I tried. A shiny new book every year with the expectation that I would paint, glue, tear and scratch into every page, most often ended up being a very long to-do list. How depressing! I often looked back upon my art school years with such fondness, though, where we were forced to fill pages, were held accountable for it, and were all the better for it. So when I heard that Aaron Leighton was offering another one of his "subconscious sketchbook" classes at Nook Collective, I jumped at the chance. The most valuable lesson? Stop thinking and start doing, forgoodnesssakes.
It's been fun, therapeutic, and has allowed me to throw the inhibitions out the window
(well...sort of. Hey, we're all works in progress.)

Here's a selection of some of my pages thus far....
(hopefully with many more to come!)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

be still my heart

{Happy February.}