Monday, November 30, 2009

One Less Paper Cup

A show I'm taking part in next week, with a great cause.
Read more about the event and it's goals, from show curator Adam Pesce:

"In the coffee community's effort to make our product as sustainable as it can be, we have come to realize that empowering and assisting women in every way possible is a top priority. The One Less Paper Cup event is just one of the many small ways we are attempting to do so.

On Tuesday December 8th, we hope you'll join us to raise money in support of Grounds for Health ( - an organization that works in the coffee-growing regions of developing nations to provide women with cervical cancer education, screenings and treatment. Coffee is grown almost exclusively in Third World countries and cervical cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths in those regions.

To raise money for GFH, we have commissioned 15 artists from across the country to create unique designs on re-usable ceramic mugs. The mugs will be the featured items in a silent auction that will begin at 6:00. The event will be open-house style and run from 5:00pm til close, with the auction ending at 9:00. It will feature celebrity barista Sam James ( crafting complimentary lattes and capps, as well as a cash bar.

By supporting Grounds for Health, we are providing the women of coffee communities with a much needed service -cervical cancer is both preventable and, when caught early, one of the most treatable forms of the disease."

Check out the show if you can, or check back here where I'll be posting my own finished mug.

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